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Impatiens ‘Infinity Blushing Lilac’ – Grow and Care

by Jessica Fox

You might not think of summer as the time to plant flowers, but if you’ve been looking for a way to spruce up your garden, now is the perfect time. There are several colorful perennials that bloom in the summertime. While there are many different varieties of flowering plants, one of the most popular is called lilac. They come in two colors: lavender and purple. Lilacs are easy to grow, but do need some care after they’re planted. Here are some tips on how to grow them and what you can expect once they start blooming.

What is Infinity Blushing Lilac?

Infinity Blushing Lilac is a perennial flowering shrub. They come in two colors: lavender and purple. The flowers are fragrant and they bloom in the summertime. You can expect to see blooms on the plant from June until October.

Infinity Blushing Lilac is one of the easiest flowers to grow, but it does need some care after it’s planted. It should be watered just once a week, so if you don’t water them for a few weeks, they’ll be fine. They also need to be placed in a well-drained area and will do better in full sun than any other color of lilac.

As with all plants, Infinity Blushing Lilacs need plenty of sunlight and some care after they’re planted. They should be watered every week or so during their first season and then less often during their second season when they’ve rooted into the ground firmly. They also need to be kept away from tall foot traffic, which could cause damage to their delicate blossoms.

How To Grow Infinity Blushing Lilac

Lilacs are easy to grow, but they do require some extra care after you plant them.

First, make sure that the soil is moist before you dig a hole big enough for your lilac. This will ensure that the roots will be able to take in as much water as they need. Lilacs also like a lot of sunlight and can be prone to mildew if placed too close to other plants. It’s best to give them a stake for support so to avoid rotting or falling over during flowering season.

Once planted, it’s important to keep the area well-drained and put mulch around the flowers for water retention. When growing your lilacs outside, be sure that the soil is free from any weeds or grasses.

If your lilac seems sickly or turns brown, you might have overwatered it earlier in its life cycle. To fix this problem, allow the ground to dry out before re-watering it with well-balanced water.

How to Care for Infinity Blushing Lilac

Infinity is a popular and easy-to-grow lilac variety that will begin blooming in early summer. To grow the flowers, you’ll need to plant them in the ground by late May or early June. They may flower in their first year of growth.

After planting your lilacs, you’ll want to keep them well watered, remove any weeds from around them, and provide some shade during the hot summer months. They require little water and can tolerate full sun or partial shade. You should pick up any extra mulch nearby to use on top of your plants. Keep these tips in mind when caring for your lilacs!

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