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Tropaeolum tricolor – Tricolor Nasturtium

by Jessica Fox

Tricolor Nasturtium plants are easy to grow, making them a perfect addition to your garden or patio. Growing tricolor nasturtiums is simple. Here are some tips on how to care for this colorful flower!

* Soil – Choose a location with well-drained soil that’s low in nutrients. Tricolor nasturtiums prefer sandy or loamy soil, but can tolerate clay or rocky dirt as well. Dig a hole and add compost if the soil is too dense; mix it in with the existing dirt before adding the plant.

* Water – Water your tricolor nasturtium plant whenever the top inch of soil feels dry and try not to overwater it. Watering once a week will be fine for most plants, but if you live in an area with hot summers or lots of wind, you may want to water more often.

* Temperature – The best temperatures for tricolor nasturtiums

How to grow Tropaeolum tricolor ?

Tropaeolum tricolor is a low-growing, aromatic evergreen vine that can be grown as a houseplant. The plant is easy to care for and can grow up to six feet tall, so it’s a great choice for small spaces.

How to Plant Tropaeolum tricolor

Tropaeolum tricolor ‘Variegatum’ is a beautiful and easy-to-grow flower for your garden or patio. Plant it in a sunny location in the soil that’s moist but not soggy. Tropaeolum tricolor ‘Variegatum’ requires lots of sunlight but doesn’t need much watering to thrive. Give it about ¼ inch of regular, well-drained soil per week for best results.

When you see leaves starting to emerge from the plant, wait a couple weeks before topping off your planting. Let the new growth grow long enough to reach the soil level, then cut it back at the base with scissors—the plant will grow back stronger and healthier than ever!

Watering the Tropaeolum tricolor Plant

Tropaeolum tricolor is a succulent plant that grows in the tropical and subtropical regions. It originates from southern Asia and was first discovered in 1891 by Dr. William A. Smith, a physician who lived in Vietnam during the French occupation there.

This plant is known for its beautiful coloration, which ranges from white to yellow, pausing toward pink, red or purple depending on the species. Different varieties of tropaeolum tricolor can even blossom into blue or green when facing declining light conditions. Because this flower only blooms once per season and must be grown in temperatures between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, you should water your tropical blooming tropaeolum tricolor plant at least once every two weeks during its growing season to keep it healthy and blooming!

Best Soil for Tropaeolum tricolor

Tropaeolum tricolor is a member of the sunflower family. This means it will grow in almost any type of soil, but it thrives best in sandy material. Soil with plenty of organic matter can be good for this plant. It won’t take up much space and requires little maintenance, so you can easily keep it in your garden or patio.

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